Friday, September 12, 2008

Up again..

I'm up again in the early hours...

I don't know why I do it, because actually i'm not as young as I once was, and my poor old bod knows this, even if my brain has trouble catching on.

Thing is, I was finishing things off which is why i'm late posting: a layout I started last night, my daring cardmakers card which is 'finished' but not yet stuck down... and a bottle of very nice South African red wine - which is why my card isn't stuck down, lol. :-)

But see!
I do actually learn from past mistakes - even if it takes awhile...I get there eventually. Often Pavlovian style I'll admit, but hey...does it matter?

Big jobs are being done around the house which is good in one way, but stressful. No one really wants workmen pulling the place to pieces do they?

And other than that, there's nothing much to report. The cash flow's still floundering (SSDD) and we're muddling along - as you do, and feeling the cold.

Done a just because LO bout me and my sibling. I love her to pieces, and miss her all the time. Wish we lived near to each other like we used to, but there you go. Life never stays the same. Better learn to live with that certainty sisters...

Me and my sanna - sisters & friends.

Thanks for dropping by, sorry if I sound bit maudlin. Tomorrow will be a better day I feel, though I have stacks to do! :-)

Hugs to yas!

jake x


Sue said...

Love your LO Hun..Hope you are dozing by now :)
I have three sisters and love them all to bits too :)

Paula Sealey said...

Yep, that's wine's a killer isn't it. I did the same with a crisp, white, Australian last week, lol!

Great layout of you and your Sis! Mine doesn't live far from me, so luckily I see her often.

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