Thursday, September 04, 2008

swamped - and not just by the rain...

So there's me... positively drowning under all the things I need to do... I'm so over-stretched again it's not real. And what do I actually do?

Erm...I sit and make cards...
Oh how very me....

So for tonights post there's cards again (which got put together while I really should have been doing other more pressing things... )
ho hum... naughty chair for me, I think.

First day of school card.

This I think, is a little bit cute :-)

Now, does anyone remember those ancient bitty pads?? Anyone going to fess up to owning them once upon a time...? No?


Well, get em off that shelf right now, and dust them down....Those papers are simply fab for cards, imo!

I did tell you didn't I, that I was going to be using up old stash, recycling allsorts of everything scrapwise, and making a huge dent in this pile of paid for, but so far unused crap...

And I am! I really mean it...

So... look out your old HOTP books - and don't look so shocked!!!
Find it all, flick through, see what's usable, and get playing! Lol! {and um... before you know it, you too can be making new rubbish to put on your blog - just like me...!!! :-) }

I feel this was always going to happen, given my enduring fixation with all things round.... it was only ever a matter of time til I tried my hand at the 'round' card.... what do you think?

sadly, it hasn't photographed well... it's wonky for a start - the waves are straight when the card's the right way up, but how do you make a round card sit correctly when you're trying to snap it? It kept wanting to roll like a runaway pancake... (even when I had it gripped in the groove of the table, grr!) I think I need tips about this... anyone got tips to share ? :-)

Anyway, it's pretty late now, and I have a day off tomorrow... If I make an early start I might even get to cross a couple of real TO DO's off my list... you never know.

Thanks for dropping in, and if you have time please leave me a comment so I can come your way and share the love!

til next time then ~ jk xx


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Me, me, me! I still have my pads and yes, they are perfect for cards. :D Enjoy your cardmaking. :)

Edleen said...

how cool!!! that card is super cute! i've to be making cards and hope to get some inspiration from you :)

have a lovely Friday!

Cuchy said...

Your cards are stunning. Specially the round one. How funny images and what an original and creative project. M.Carmen

Nicole said...

Cute Cards! I love what you did with your round one!

Paula said...

Loving all the cards, some really cool designs & a great way to use up scraps.

Gra said...

Lovely, lovely, the round one is great!!
Thank you for your visit!!

Dawn said...

Love your school card gorgeous.

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