Saturday, September 06, 2008

mixing old and new

I've always mixed old stash with new in scrapping but I'm making even more of a conscious effort to now that cutbacks have forced me to buy less and less. I do still love to get my one treat a month - my flavour of the month kit from Scraproom - which is basically 4 mini kits with embellies and a stamp - and by mixing these with older co-ordinating papers and bits, I can stretch it out to go pretty far.

There was a time I bought 3 kits a month - plus whatever other stash I saw and fancied. In addition, I took 3 magazines a month, and any others I saw on a shelf that caught my eye. Now I buy none. The only things I buy really are ink pads and adhesives... and the occasional stamp set if it's a sale bargain.

But i'm not hard done by!

I have a lovely friend who sends me a box of things now and again... things she says she'll never use herself... but it's like Christmas to me whenever it comes, and I use everything lol!

But let's be honest - most of us scrapbookers have enough stash to last our lifetime even if we never bought another thing! :-)

So again - here's another LO mixing old and new... Can spot which stuff is brand new - and which is ancient?


and the sketch above which Sandie did for us.

Ok, the papers are fairly newish, but the mesh is years old. The rubon butterfly's new, but the tickets years old... the journalling card came in a kit recently, but the chip flower is last years. The rubber flower very new, but the lunch money envie's ancient and the pink block the butterfly is sitting on is from a HOTP book I bought at least 6 or 7 years ago! Obviously buttons and ribbons don't date, but the chip letters are not new - and I could have given them an even more up to date look by outlining them in pen, if I could have been bothered, lol.

My point is that you can still make nice layouts/cards and projects using old stuff you have hanging around. It doesn't have to be the latest thing to hit the store!

This LO doesn't look dated to me. I don't think you'd look at it and say "look at all that old crap on there, it's boring because it's all so.... yesterday..."

Well, hopefully not to my face anyway lol!!!

So go and have a root around and see what old stuff you can combine with new to make a fresh looking layout or card. I think it's fun- and saves you a fortune in stash!

Hope you all have a fab Saturday whatever you're up today, and
thanks for dropping by!

Please say hi if you have the time - it's always nice to 'see' who's been kind enough to visit :-)

hugs to yas'!
jake xx


Sue said...

Totally agree with the Old /new stash..You can change the colour of stuff too or blink it up. Apart from the scrapaGoGo Dt kit, i haven't had any new stuff for a little while..trying not to look LOL!
Love you LO btw!

Paula said...

Love the fab bright colours of this page.
Definately agree mixing old & new stash is cool. I do it best in minibooks mind.
Since subscribing to one kit I find I barely spend any money on craft stuff now except for ink & stamps. Good job as I don't get a payrise until I'm qualified for my job. Mind you Im very pleased how well its going & 6 months isn't all that long. It helps I don't own a car as they really are expensive but so is travel these days too!! This country has us by the goolies!!!

Suzy said...

Jakey~ Your layouts always blow me away, they are beautiful. You inspire me to try new things and be more out there with my projects. Thank you!

I love the idea of mixing the old with the new, this is definitely something I need to work on as well. =o)


Angela said...

I have been trying to do the mix old/new thing lately myself. I have plenty of stash to do that with.

Your layout totally rocks.

Staceydotdot said...

Hi Jake! Glad you found me and I, you! Love your work here too!

Im totally at the same stage as you now with my stash! I started with one little box and now I have a room! oops!
Now I get the Dozens Kit every month and just beef it up a bit with all my old stuff that I "had to have" and would "use it all the time" from years ago! ha ha!

Tejal said...

The sketch looks so busy and daunting, but when I look at what you've created..its seems so simple!! Love the sketch..and yes! you're right, even if I don't buy anything else, my stash will last me the next 3-4 yrs..still I'm getting my couz to bring me some stuff over from the US...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me love..appreciate it!!!


KimmyS said...

Yep - I am totally with you! This layout certainly does not look dated at all and if you wouldn't have said it, I would have never known there are some golden oldies on there :)

Like you, I used to get three monthly Kits and all the newest paper additions to. Now there is one Kit and I find it more than plenty!

Cindia Fallgatter said...

Thanks for the comments!
I loved your job!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

{{{waving hello}}}

I mix and match and make do a lot. :D I´m the ultimate scraps scrapper. ;)

Timi O. Mercado said...

Hi Jakey! Thanks for dropping by myt blog. I love your LO's too. Love yuor choice of colors.

Edleen said...

love your LO with the sketch!

i truly agree with you about the stash that could last us a lifetime! i say quit buying for a month yet i go to my LSS and get more stuff?!!!

have a great weekend! *hugs*

whatkatiedid said...

Hello oh bannerless one! See, this is where digi has the edge - infinitely reusable stuff. Of course, that doesn't stop me buying new stuff when I have the pennies though.....

I tagged you on my blog btw!

jothescrapaddict said...

ty for visiting my blog -- just been in yours and I will keep it in my list for insipirations..
and how timely am scrapping like a mad man and trying to mix with the old.... pls visit again....


lyzzydee said...

I'm with you, I have enough 'stuff' to sink the Queen Mary and I am making a concerted effort to make a dent in it. This month on the from of Memory Makers they featured a really elderly basic grey tag which must be three or four years old!! Doesn't seem to matter how much scrapping I do my shelves are still heaving!!

Vivs said...

Hi Jakey. so kind of you to drop by my blog. You got wonderful creations too. Agreed with you on mixing old and new stash, its another way to make full use of our stuffs! And you did card making too? All are so pretty.

Irene said...

You know I love to mix old and new - I don't see why not. Look at Kate Moss!

Paula Sealey said...

Some of the old stuff is the best! I still have heaps of old papers and embellies laying around, but I know they'll get used when the time is right.

Love that layout, so bright and zingy - just fab!

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