Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday bloggin... been a long old day


Stuff like this is not easy for me..... today I have not only created a banner............ ok, ok, I know how simple it is! (mine I mean, not actually making one) , but also, I have finally.... finally.... moved over to layout from template.... and spent God knows how many hours adding in my links, and the bits and bobs that make it feel like home.

Unbelievable aggro, and at one point I almost wanted to cry, but I got there in the end. There are still a few links not yet added in, but tbh i've had enough. In fact, my face is well and truly in the butter... so i'm switching off before i go and do something rash and lose the lot. In my dreams stuff like that happens... and I don't wanna make it real.

And because of all this activity, i've done no scrapping!

Honestly, i've got my LO for CMK on the table that was supposed to be in by 12 o'clock last night! It's not even half finished... but maybe i'll manage to get it up here by tomorrow night - tho i'm far too late to qualify now. Ah well... another time eh?

I can share this LO however, as it was made weeks ago. I put it together from a sketch by Tamara, which she did especially for us at it's a creative world, and you can see it here, read all about this very talented lady, and see what the other girls in the team did with the sketch as well:-)

Oh, and
while i was hopping around earlier ( before all this began) I spotted a super duper giveaway on Jak's blog. For your chance to play along and win the scrummy Christmas blog candy she has on offer, visit her here. Even when she's not sponsoring a prize, her site's well worth a visit so book mark it now and drop in when you're next blog hopping :-)

ok, that's enough from me... til next time
jake xx

PS - let me know what you think of my new style blog?
And my soooo complicated banner!


Bekka said...

Fab new look :-) Well done


Staci said...

I think your banner is awesome - very cheerful :-) Ugh, sorry it took you so long to get everything up and running, i'm not very good at this stuff either, so I know i'd be the same way!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay! Go for it sweetie!
Luv the little welcome sign. *grin*

Anabelle said...

Sorry you had such a tough time, but the results were worth it. I love how your blog looks! Awesome layout. That big bracket is so cool!

Ana Baird said...

Great banner! Love your layout too!

Paula Sealey said...

The new banner looks fab!!

Julia said...

Yay Jakey I love the new banner. At least you managed to get it all done. I can't do it I have to get Sandie to do mine. LOL

greenbeanbaby said...

well i think your blog turned out awesome! i did NOT like blogger for all those reasons... i stuck with typepad even though it costs $5 a month... i DID cry over it... and shall we discuss my official website that has been "under construction" for 10 months?! each time i think about it, my stomach knots from frustration... sigh... at least you STUCK IT OUT ;)

anyhow, i do love your layouts!!! your pages are just darling!!!!!

Kylie said...

Hey Jakey - love your blog - please check out mine!!!

Kylie said...

Hey jakey love your blog!!! please check out mine!!!

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