Friday, September 12, 2008

finally got it stuck together :-)

At last, I've finished this card!
I'm horribly late with it, but oh well...

Daring cardmakers - Make a card using their template. Not mad on it... think maybe I cut my circle too small so feel it looks a little unbalanced, but hey i'm learning so no worries. I'll send it to my sis sometime, she likes my cards... lol, bless her.

Talking of my sis, she sent me two paperbacks today:

SHATTERED - a true story about a family shattered by a tragic accident.

Sometimes a family's love can achieve the impossible...On 12th October 1995, Mavis Marsh answered her door to the news every parent dreads most. 'It's your son,' the policeman told her. 'He's been in an accident.' Only hours earlier, Matthew had been set for a dazzling future but, in one terrible night, a devastating tragedy altered everything. Days later, Mavis found herself standing at her son's bedside as doctors told her to give up all hope. According to them, the damage to Matthew's brain was too severe for him to recover, and the boy she had known and loved was gone forever. But Mavis and her husband, Keith couldn't give up on their only son. And refusing to accept the diagnosis, they started to work with Matthew themselves, desperately urging their comatose son to fight. For months they tried, to no avail. But then, almost half a year later, he suddenly started to respond...

Almost scared to read that one...

And also:
YA-YA's IN BLOOM - which is a sequel to the divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood, which we both loved :-)
An emotionally charged addition to Rebecca Wells' bestselling and much loved previous novels, "Ya-Yas in Bloom" reveals the roots of the Ya-Yas' friendship in the 1930s and roars through sixty years of marriage, child-raising, and hair-raising family secrets. When four year old Teensy Whitman stuffs a pecan up her nose, she sets off the chain of events that lead Teensy, Caro, Vivi and Necie to become true sister-friends. Told in alternating voices of Vivi and the Petite Ya-Yas, Siddalee and Baylor Walker, as well as other denizens of Thornton, Louisiana, "Ya-Yas in Bloom" shows the Ya-Yas in love, and at war with convention. Through crises of faith and hilarious lapses of parenting skills, brushes with alcoholism and glimpses of the dark reality of racial bigotry, the Ya-Ya values of unconditional loyalty, high style and Cajun sass shine through. But in the Ya-Yas' inimitable way, these four remarkable women also teach their children about the Mysteries: the wonder of snow in the Deep South, the possibility that humans are made of stars, and the belief that miracles do happen.

And they need a miracle when old grudges and wounded psyches lead to a heartbreaking crime - and the dynamic web of sisterhood is the only safety net strong enough to endure.

So along with my scrapbooking and crafting i'm all set for the weekend!

have a fab friday everyone - thanks for popping in!
jake xx


Kerry said...

I read the first ya yas didn't know there was another one out so glad I saw this, thanks!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I like your cards too! :)

Cath said...

That card is fabulous Jakey!!!

I think that first book would have me blubbing!

Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Love the card Jakey.

I've really got back into reading lately and will pop those on my list.

Not read the first Ya ya book so will have a lookie for it.

Happy Saturday xxx

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