Saturday, September 13, 2008

My latest LO is one I made for mojoholder scraplifts blog yesterday.

We were lifting a gorgeous page by Lea Lawson

Here is the sketch made by Sandie

And my interpretation:

I've also been busy baking, seeing as I have a glut of these beauties!

Aren't they gorgeous?

I seriously doubted the squirrels would leave us any this year... but they did - about 4 carrier bags full! We passed some to the neighbours, have some put by for Donna's lot and I'll probably take the remaining ones (after i've used all I want) into work for the cook to whip up a crumble or two for the resi's :-)

The fruits of my labour today...yummmmyummmmm!

Apple pie, anyone?

Hope you all have a super Saturday, and as always, thanks for dropping in!


jake xxx


Anonymous said...

cor, that looks blummin lovely! And is it clotted cream on it? I do like me a bit of that... as they say round these parts... ;)

guess who?
he he!!

Pat.E'nata said...

if for post of the lady i understand, sorry you is lost friend? I read on other board. sad days yes? sorry of that.

domestic goddess said...

lol we have just been apple picking today as well! Don't you just love the beginning of Autumn :)
hugs and thanks hun xxxx

suebaru said...

LOl,,just seen Anna's apples and now yours...I don't know anyone with an apple tree :( !!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Looks delicious! Enjoy!

I like the sketch too, going to look for a two vertical pics that match. :)

Paula said...

Gorgeous cheerful colours, just like the weather this weekend, I could almost pretend its July still.
As for the pie, I am now rather hungry & ought to fix tea but as I piled on a few pounds eating a rather yummy Rhubarb pie & several quiches & mini pork pies, I'm trying to lose them again!
It's all Morrisons fault ;)

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