Saturday, May 03, 2008

goodbye old boy...

Carl and I have made the decision, after months of fretting and putting it off... that it is time to say goodbye to our dear old cat. No one wants to have to say it, but there comes a time when you know you're just keeping them going for yourself, and not for them. And that's not fair, is it?

Henry is very old... over 18 and his health is going rapidly. He's always been a beautiful boy with incredible big green eyes, and to see those eyes looking so dim and weary... well, we just can't take it anymore. He's so thin and frail, he's been poorly for over a year and we keep rallying him round, but it's got to the point where we know it's not right anymore. So, he's going today, to the vet, and we're bringing him home to bury him in his garden, a place he loves. I can hardly believe i'm writing this, he's been with us such a long time... longer than any pet we've ever had, and we've had a lot over the years. Vinnie's never known a time when he wasn't around and he's very upset, as we all are. I told the other kids yesterday, and also my sister who loves him to pieces... and while they're all very sad, they accept that it's time for him now because they've seen him recently and agree that it really is time to do the kindest thing. I cried all day yesterday, and i'm crying now. In a minute I'll go and give him some prawns for his breakfast, they're his favourite food and I expect he'll manage a few. Then we'll sort his basket out and then we'll go.

Anyone who has lost a pet will understand how I feel today. How we're going to do it I dont know... Carlo will stay with him tho, because I can't, and really he is his cat as I bought him for him long long ago... when he was a pretty, funny, part siamese kitten, with too much to say for himself and as naughty as could be... in fact at the time the kids thought he was a girl! and named her china... Came as quite a shock when the vet said she wasn't a she but a he! He's been called many things since... (some of them unrepeatable, because he's always been a lad...) but my Mum used to call him Hamish... To me, he was always my treasure on a tiger island... Sanna calls him henna, wee hen... and Vin, just kitten face. But Carl only ever calls him Henry. So that is his name.

Anyway, enough... I'm going now. Please think of us today.

jk xx


Anonymous said...

sorry about your cat Jakey. We had our 13 year old cat put to sleep last year and it was very hard to make that choice. it never seems the right time. But be gentle with yourselves. it was for the best.


Charlotte said...

Thinking of you Jakey xxx

Laura G said...

oh Jake....I'm so sorry. Hard as it is- you'll be doing right by him. big hugs to you all.......know how much it hurts


Lighthousegirl said...

Huge hugs

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