Monday, April 28, 2008

Some people never grow up....

... and I'm one of them, I might as well just admit it.

I had a totally fab weekend celebrating my birthday, except for one awful thing which happened, but I'll get to that in a minute. I was off work from Wednesday, so it's been lovely to have had a few days at home doing very little really - and I'm still off now, and tomorrow as well, as I sorta knew I'd need time to recover from it all lol.Call it intuition... ;-)

Friday night we opened the 2008 barbi season at Donna's house...

and typically went over the top, not getting to bed until twenty to three.... pretty daft really considering we had guests coming up on the Saturday, but there you go. No one in our family ever seems to know when it's time to stop dancing round the disco ball and turn the music off...

Saturday, my sis and bro in law arrived here about four and we immediately cracked the champagne open, and then spent a pleasant hour or so chatting over drinks and nibbles, before heading into town for an early dinner.
Then it was next door to the theatre to see a show which turned out to be so dire it was actually almost funny. It was truly shockingly bad, and without doubt the worst show I've ever seen... and we were wondering throughout the second half whether we should just up and leave when Carl let go a depth charge (like only he can...), which had the whole theatre in hysterics - even the girls on the stage were giggling.... and he drew some admiring glances from a few other men, who would probably have loved to show their appreciation in a similar way, if only they'd had the nerve... I swear we nearly died laughing. He's a nightmare and I can't trust him anywhere... tut tut tut... disgraceful man, what is he like...............??!!

Then back home where we fired up the chiminea and sat in the garden with drinks until the early hours. Seems like older never gets any wiser in my house....

And Donna came with the kids yesterday and I opened all my pressies with the fam before we went for a roast down the pub, and walked home in the sunshine, while my sis and bro in law set off for there little corner of the West Country.

So, on to my pressies!!

I got a Wii!!

I really wanted this - however, I now ache from head to foot and fear I may have permanently damaged my shoulder... perhaps I should leave the sports alone and stick with telly addicts for a while... but I'm blooming well having that keep fit thingy as soon as it comes down in price.

Also got a gorgeous new silver bag and belt for my holiday. Some money, vouchers for the theatre, amazon vouchers, games and controllers for the wii, Loads of lovely growing things like gorgeous pots with seeds etc for growing chillies and toms and delicious things on the windowsills, a dreams money pot, a beautiful breakfast set, all kinds of little bits and bobs, a bottle of perfume, and a fantastic thing which basically must have been made for me. It's an A4 notepad, with spaces for the lists of things I need to do and entries for everyday of the week.. IT'S SO ME!!!

I am a proverbial list maker... and of course my sister knows this lol! I think she'll have to get one for Jazz too now tho, as she now has envy, and she hasn't even seen it yet!

Later in the day we set up the wiiand played for hours and had such a laugh all round the room, and then Carlo cooked me a special dinner and we collapsed on the couch for a LOST marathon. I think it was 2am when we went to bed... I swear we are as mad as hatters, but it always seems like fun at the time. And don't tell me you don't do it too....

One terrible thing did happen though... on my birthday of all days.... my little bird died. My beautiful Sheila, my super modelle.... my gorgeous green and grey girlie... she died. We think Blood wing. It was a horrible shock, and we're so sorry for poor Bruce who's totally lost and keeps looking for her everywhere, and making an awful racket, because he seems to think we've taken her away from him, like we did when the baby budgies were here and we had some problems to sort out. At that time he and Sheila were inconsolable and quite frantic to be reunited... and it's so sad now because he was completely besotted with her and I guess he's feeling very very lonely and seems quite angry that she's gone.

So that's my post done and I'm pretty much caught up on my news. But oh, there is one other thing! We've booked our holiday! Yay!! We're heading back to Ibiza... and I cannot wait to get my toes in the sand! It's the first time ever that we've gone back to the same place 2 years running - just shows how much we loved it and how lovely a place it really is (as long as you go the right side of the island!! Lol!!)

Be happy blog buddies!

jk xx


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a lovely weekend! Wish we could of been there to celebrate but sounds like we might of not kept up with you anyway! lol! Love the pics so please send me some more! I miss you guys!!!
PS, we have some serious Austria talking to do!!! lol x jazzabelle x

Anonymous said...

Oh and Sanna's hair looks fab, she looks well ( bad stuff happening must suit her!) big hug and kisses xxxxxxxxx

Lighthousegirl said...

Glad you had a fab birthday. Lovely pressies - v jealous of the Wii and the pad of lists!

I just have to ask though - what was the show? Was it at the Grove? Do you ever go to the Little Theatre?

jakey said...

Ok, I confess.. it was at the Grove... lol! Maybe some people liked it... but um.. not us. Rude and crass and amatuer, but you know... It was a night out. I haven't been to the little theatre for years, I didn't even realise they still put on productions!

suebaru said...

Sounds like you had a fab birthday weekend!And you must get a Wii fit...though the Mii's become a little too realsitic once they know how much you weigh!

Lighthousegirl said...

Little Theatre is still going strong - it would be great to see you there ... will email you a link to the Website. Next production starts in a couple of weeks :-)

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