Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it aint arf ot mum...

...never one to moan, I am soaking it up with a smile.... And it looks set to stay for a few days more. Oh happy times... I so love the sun :-)

Two quick lil layouts to catch up with. These are part of my 6" x 6" A-Z Art journal with It's a Creative World which is all about the things I love. I'd fallen behind but am now caught back up, which is always a relief. It was getting the BT Vision box that did it - I discovered LOST, got hooked, and couldn't leave it alone. I still haven't seen all of them, but I'm happy to report that my rate of consumption has slowed down - and of course the nicer weather makes all the difference too!

6" x 6" H for holidays - well, who doesn't love them!

and6" x 6" I, which celebrates my love of all things Inky...

You will find the DT's and guest's J pages on the IACW blog on Saturday, and there is also a gallery for readers who are taking part in the journey too.

1 comment:

Paula said...

I'm a very norty pixie & I haven't been blog hopping much of late. got problems at work dragging me down so I just come home & create.

Great layouts, I love the circle really makes the photo pop & the all things inky page is after my own heart.

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