Saturday, May 24, 2008

weekend warblings

We've been out. And yes, that is such a rare thing for us that's it's deemed blogworthy, lol. Only went into town for a meal and a few drinks but it was nice. Managed to get a table outside after our meal and we sat and watched the comings and goings and all the action in the park, before strolling home through the trees. Just the two of us. I suppose we'll be doing it more and more now that Vin's growing up. He seems to have suddenly become a 'big' boy in the last few weeks, and spends more time hanging out with his mates and stuff now, though he was actually working last night - his first proper piece of paid work, and bless him - he's got it spent already :-)

I've made a few layouts this week, but most are for inspiration blogs so can't go up yet, but here's on I did for Mojoholder, last night :

Got the family coming round tonight for a Wii night, so I'd best go and tidy up. Only doing a lasagne, salad and garlic bread so hopefully that won't take long. If there's no post tomorrow, that'll be because I can't move..... those Carnival games really take it out of you ;-)

jk xx


Paula said...

Awesome page, girlie! Fab photos.
I also went out for the first time in an age the other evening (a colleagues leaving do) it felt great to dance the night away.
Now my best mate has also left the office so as we don't see each otehre every day anymore, we are Ladies wot lunch most Saturdays! I could definately get used to it!!!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

love your style!!! I see you have my color challenge blog on your sidebar, I appreciate that and really hope to see your layouts soon, YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Color Combos Galore

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