Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old friends

It's always nice to see an old friend, eh?

It's not that you forget people. Of course you don't - but unless you see them frequently, or have some sort of contact on a regular basis you kinda lose touch - without even realising it's happening. Some of my mates (particularly cyber buddies) I only have contact with through emails these days, and some just over the phone. Some, I've realised today, I have no contact with at all, and that's quite sad when it's people you've chatted to, if only on forums, for a number of years.

But today, I've caught up with a lot of old faces - thanks to UKS, and whatever the moaners wanna say, (and I'm sure therte are some who will find fault) I'm going to say I think UKS have done a good thing :-) I've enjoyed catching up with old friends, and i'm sure over the next few days and weeks I'll rediscover more pals out there that i've lost touch with, and I hope they are as happy as me to be back in contact. I don't think it'll mean I'll be rushing out the door to meet up with these girls or trying to relive the past... it just means a quick 'hello mate, how are you doing... what's happening in your world?' kind of thing.

Nothing wrong with that is there? :-D

The only downside I can see is the inevitable saddoes who will surely indulge in the "I have more stash than you..." "well I have more FRIENDS!" mentality, but come on...who takes them seriously... ? not me for sure.

And a quick update on this little miss!

Jenna Leigh now weighs around 7 kilos! So while she's still pretty tiny for a baby of 8 months, being at the very lower end of the weight charts; she's now gaining steadily and is certainly not slow in her development, as you can see.

trying to crawl...

And pictured here with her daddy... testing the water - not sure she's too impressed tbh! Lol!
Hugs Blogettes!

jk xx


Paula Sealey said...

Awww, cute photos.

I like the new bits on UKS, I'm not on there much though so they won't really affect me. It's always nice to keep up with old friends though:)

Irene said...

Well you know that I'm Billy No Mates. :D

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