Sunday, May 04, 2008

Funny Old World...

Boy, am I glad yesterday is over. I know it'll take us a while but I'm very thankful it's a holiday weekend so I have one more day here with my boys while we come to terms with losing old Henna. I bought Vin some new grey skinnies yesterday, to sort of soften the day for him. Poor lad, he's never lost an old friend before and he took it hard. He also went out to a gig last night and met some kids from the school he's hoping to take his A levels at so that was good.

I spent most of the day scrapping and crafting up in my room here. My hobby's my therapy, and I had a lot to get on with. I made a file folder class for IACW, and you can download the class instructions on the blog if you wanna have a go. Totally simple to make, it could be the perfect little gift album and I did it all in one afternoon by keeeping it pretty basic. Unfortunately, my mind was distracted so the pictures are pants... forgot to put the macro on can you believe... but I hope I'll be forgiven under the circumstances.

Then this is my MOJO layout for the week. This week we lifted Anam, and her page ws totally gorgeous. See the other girls lifts here.

And I have news!! I am now officially one of the new Scrapdragons CT - check out this fab blog here! I can't wait to get to know the girls and start joining in the fun. You can nick the blinkie from my page here if you wanna support us :-) and please come on over and take the challenge when you get a chance.....!

Right - signing off now... might take a drive to the car boot sale - first one of the year, and there could be bargains to be had. I always dream there'll be a crafter selling up lock stock and barrel... There never is! Lol!

jk x

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Sarah Youde said...

Well done on the Scrapdragon CT spot :)

Your file folder project is just gorgeous!

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