Saturday, May 31, 2008


One piece of news is that Carl's dad has just rung me to say that the results of his CAT scan are good. Thank the Lord for that. Carlo's been quietly worried, but like most men doesn't say much. As Tim is due to be married in June, we were even more anxious, because we really didn't want anything to mar their happy day - any more than all this has anyway, iyswim. So, that's a real pick me up today... and all I can say is what a relief.... and we'll see you at the wedding later in the month Tim and Ally :-)

I have another piece of family news but that's still under wraps at the mo... shhhh... all very secret squirrel.... who said that!

Last night's MOJO was a cracker. I love my LO which is unusual for me, and it reminds me of a very beautiful place... one I'll be seeing again real soon :-) Woah, i'm going to Ibiza!!

IACW turns one this weekend - make sure you pop in to the blog tomorrow to join our celebrations - and maybe bag yourself a prize too!

jk xx


Sandie said...

I have to say Jakey your Mojo this week is a corker, just love the colour combo you've used. Great news about the cat scan too. Hmm secret news, I wonder what that can be??!?!?!?

Paula said...

Stunning page. I haven't really popped along to the mojo blog but am very impressed with all the sketches. Maybe when i aren't such a lazy trout I might pull my finger out & do some. My problem is i don't have lots of photos I have to cadge other people's or scrap myself all the time!!!!

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