Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blimey, time flies...

Vin informed me yesterday, that today - Friday - is is last day of compulsory school.

Getaway....! Where's the time gone???

Doesn't seem five minutes since I was fretting about him starting nursery... and now he's about to leave school for real. Unbelievable... because please don't forget this is my 'baby' we're talking about here.....

Obviously, we hope he'll be returning to school next term - a new school anyway, for A levels, but the truth remains, apart from the rest of his exams... his time in compulsory education is over. There were times I thought he'd never make it out alive I'll admit, but fingers crossed the bad days are over, and he has a happier future to look forward to.

He took a picture of me and his dad last weekend, enjoying a quiet evening in the garden... it seems so long since we've sat out there watching the flames leap from the chiminea late at night, in the dark. It was a bit poignant really, coz the old cat used to love to snuggle up with Vin on his lounger in the heat of the fire... and of course, he's no longer here. But it was nice all the same. A small pleasure we've missed throughout the cold wet winter.

The photo was for a challenge - my first as a member of Scrapdragons CT, and it's a great theme. Do hop over to check out the challenges on this fab fun blog. It's due for update imminently, so keep checking til the new challenge goes up :-) We have prizes too!!! Now there's an incentive eh?

And also, I had time to do Mojoholders last week and this is my interpretation.

Just some old piccies of us guys playing in the pool on one of our little Mediterranean jaunts. Vin looks so young, yet it was only a few years ago. Time surely does move, don't it? I rarely scrap old photo's but I think it's something I need to do more of - not that I'll ever catch up... but it's great reminiscing while you do it! Lol.

New Mojo holder challenge going up tonight too - and it's a goodie! ;-)

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