Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catwalk Queen! Go me! Lol!

I just got told by a teamie tonight that I made the catwalk on Sistv - hey! go me!

Really, what a fab surprise :-) I've been working all day... got home real late as I had a meeting... Ate my LUNCH at 9.45pm (wilted salad... yuck) chatted to a mate for a bit and then logged on for a quick surf and scan of my mb's... Then I spy a toot for me - and there it is - the news. Really chuffed!

Might not be a big deal for everyone but it sure made my day, I tell ya.

Yesterday was a crummy day, coz the car cost me a load of money I don't have. I've recently noticed a prob with the handbrake which I intended to get fixed when I get paid in a couple of weeks... oh, and the electrics have been a bit dodgy - but I've tried to ignore that, at least I did until Saturday night, when I was driving home and realised that everytime I signalled left, my lights went out!

Honestly! Right out!

Obviously quite funny, as the kids are convinced that regardless of whether I'm on foot or in a car I only ever turn left, thereby spending my whole life going round and round in ever decreasing circles (and it's not far from the truth, I do seem a bit fixated on left turns... Come out of Next, turn left... come out of Henney's turn left.. there's whole avenues of MK shopping mall I've never seen because I never get that far....!)

Anyway - obviously this problem needs fixing, so off I trot to the Auto Electrician/Garage and explain my problems. "Leave it with us" they said, and so I did, and awaited their call. Fortunately for me, the garage is owned by a friend of a friend or God knows how much it would have been.... Seems I was losing brake fluid... Eeek! And cylenders or something had to be replaced, fluid topped up and I needed a whole new switch which was £79.80 + vat... what is it made of... Gold?? Plus labour etc and I get a bill for almost £180 quid. Great. Like I could afford that.

On a brighter note, I can now turn left to my hearts content without becoming invisible to oncoming traffic. Gotta be worth the money.



Paula said...

Go you!! Wel done girlie!
Kinda makes up for the bill doesn't it.
Am loving the new AAE challenge, just trying to figure out a title!!
Reincarnation is a tad big for al my ideas.

Sandie said...

WTG for making the catwalk :) Bummer about your car though, they have a a habit of going wrong at the most inconvenient times!!!

Paula said...

Yay! Great news! Congratulations.:)

Laura G said...

aaargghhh! The stash you could have bought!!

Tabitha said...

sorry about the car!! Big Congrats on the Catwalk!!

{monica} said...

Congrats...that's awesome!

Colleen said...

hey! you made the catwalk! love it!! congrats...you so deserve it

Lori said...

Oooh congrats Sista- waves to you from the catwalk too!

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