Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad bad blogger

I know, I know ... I've been a lazy mare again.

Actually, not lazy, just busy, and when not busy, simply enjoying the sunshine, as you do, when the chance comes round.

This weekend we decorated Vinnie's room and built his new furniture. Tonight I finished painting and put up some voile panels at the window, and now it's almost done. He's still deciding if he wants blinds or curtains, but at least he has something up so it feels more cosy - not as open and cold.

I haven't really had time to get on here and update, but now the work's done, i'll hopefully catch up again.

On Mojoholders last week we lifted a page by Elsie, and here's my interpretation:

And on AAE we did Reincarnation... which for some reason doesn't seem to be as popular as scrapping yer bum - but you know we did say not all the challenges would be easy.... so don't say you weren't warned... lol!

Here's mine:

I wrote about my love of the Sea, and how I've always imagined I was once connected with it in some way... maybe as a sailor, or fisherman... or who knows... perhaps even a pirate? :-)

Haven't got much else to say for now. Got some scrapping to do, and I'm reading the book that's supposed to save my life.. not sure about that, but it has made me smile a bit, so it's a start I guess.

Be back when less busy and more relaxed.

jk x


Sandie said...

Fab layouts, I promise to the AAE challenge just as soon as I can!

Paula said...

My reincarnation is almost done. I had great fun with this one but not half as much fun as the crappy daylight & camera batteries. Hope to get it linked up very soon!!

Glad you have had some time with your family relaxing & enjoying "summer"..

MsGrace said...

great layouts!

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