Saturday, August 18, 2007

Need more time!

Crikey, the weeks fly by, don't they?

Saturday again, and whereas I used to post almost daily on here - sometimes more than once a day even, now I seem to have no time at all, yet not much has changed. Hmmm.... have to think about that one I guess, and see what's going on. I would say it's just summer... but come on...... hardly, is it?Lol!

Donna set off yesterday with her mates for V festival, and was stuck in traffic for many many hours, arriving late They've taken camping stuff, enthusiastic smiles and wellies... heaven help them.

The kids are going to see High School Musical tonight. Vin has (reluctantly) agreed to go with Jon to help. He is not expecting to enjoy it. I wonder why ever not ;-)

Mojoholders went up last night and this weeks layouts are absolutely gorgeous - our best week ever I think! We also have a new addition to the DT - Sandie - who's work is really lovely, and we're all very glad to have her accept our offer of becoming part of the team. We have some new ideas too and will be letting you know about those once we have stuff sorted out.

I ordered my holiday snaps last night from Snapfish (been too busy and too skint to do it before) but had to get a move on as they have a 25% off offer on til the 31st, and I had quite a big order. I still like 7x5, although I realise the trend has swung back to smaller photos. I haven't followed trends for years tho, so I get what I like - but don't they cost!

I've done a couple of layouts I can't share yet, and I absolutely love them both, and I have some stuff to do today which I may enter into something later. More news on that if I get anywhere ;-) Lol!

Other than that, not much going on, so I'll be back when I have more to report.

WHOOPS!!!!! Nearly forgot! Been trying desperately to catch up and have only managed to get to a few blogs I usually read, but have had no time to visit recently. Just popped onto kelly's to find she's tagged me as a Rocking Girl Blogger... WooHoo!! That I am kelly, girl. That I am ;-) lol.

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So thanks me darling - I'll add the button and pop back later with my own rockin girlies - howzat?

jk xx


Paula said...

Fab layout!
I know what you mean about time, I get sod all done & time just seems to disappear!
I think almost everyone has been tagged with this blog button, Ive had about 3 & then there's the other 3 blog tags doing the rounds. I really must catch up!!
Time eh! where does it go. Hopefully creating fab pages. Can't wait for the next Eve challenge!

Sandie said...

Oh I know what you mean about the time flying! One minute I was complaining that the kids had 6 weeks off, and now I'm panicking that they go back in 2.5 weeks and I still have uniform to buy!!!

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