Monday, August 06, 2007

catch up time....

like I said, after the holiday there's a fair bit of catching up to do, so i'll just try and get back on track with some bits i've done and fill in with snippets of news as I go along.

I love this pic of me and the boy on the fantastic lawn chairs one of the beach bars had outside their place. We were only steps from the sand here, and it was wonderful to just kick your flip flops off and relax sipping sangria, while listening to the waves lapping on the shore so close by...

it's maybe not so hard to understand why we felt we could have stayed forever..... ahh well, all good things come to an end, as they say ;-)

I did my mojoholder layouts before I went and the girls uploaded them along with their own at the relevant times. Our new DT is in place now, and their work is really something else - better pop over for a peep if you haven't already, as it's all looking pretty damned good from where I'm sitting :-) Way to go there, ladeeez!

Here's my two:

Rubie being the sausage that he is in our garden last time they were home....

And me and fandango doing what we do best... making an absolute fool of ourselves - all in the name of fun ;-)

Now, these two I did for Creative World, to illustrate a li'l tutorial I knocked up for them a couple of weeks ago. The entire thing seems a bit jinxed, coz it was supposed to have gone up before it did, but the flipping floods put paid to that - a long story, and not mine to tell, so suffice to say I was simply scuppered, and that's about all you can say that! Lol!

Cheapie Poundland Canvas

Layout featuring our Isabella, who is a girl like no other!

The tutorial did go up - while I was away - but for some reason, the artwork never went with it, and I've not got round to hassling anyone to find out why, lol.. i know, I know, I am just so lazy... but as it didn't get used, I'm sure the girls won't mind me putting it up here and linking back instead. So if anyone wants to see about making these transparent letters - here you go: The so easy tutorial is here: at Creative World.

Thanks girls for letting me join you on site - it was great fun :-)

Right! I have a couple of things in the pipeline to get sorted, so better go and get on as I'm all behind again, (no pun intended there... lol!) but be sure to check out our cheeky All About Eve Challenge which went live tonight.....

Ah...yessssssss..... I see you baby!


mel said...

Ohhh so glad you had a nice relaxing time :D:D

Paula said...

Fabulous layouts, you rock girlie!
I am impressed with the new challenge but struggling to get a pic of my bot! Im single & my mates think Im crazy!! One to ponder methinks!! No large mirrors in the house, hmmmm.
I WILL find a way!

Julie said...

I am gld you had a good trip!! Your Mojo is amazing girl!! Your new LO's totally RAWK!!

Anonymous said...

hi ma glad you had a great time love the pic of you and me bro nice tan by the way mary..... see you soon xxx hayley

Irene said...

Great tutorial Jakey. Love the way the canvas turned out too.

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