Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's my girlie's birthday!

It's my baby girl's birthday.

Not that she's a baby any more of course - in fact she's about to have a baby of her own, but she's my youngest girl - the youngest of three - so in that respect, she'll always be my baby I guess.

She tells me she's had a lovely day, and I'm glad. It's not much fun being very pregnant on your birthday, is it? I was just a month away from my due date with my second baby on my 21st, so I know it's not that great....But she's been spoilt and had a fuss made of her,and she's content now, having had lots of pressies this morning, breakfast out with Erk and big sister Hayley - and balloons and cake and everything all before 10 am! They've been swimming, to the beach, lunched, visited Erks Mum and Dad and sisters; and been showered with more goodies from friends and family - and now they're home and she's relaxing with Ruben and meemee, while Erkin cooks them a romantic 3 course dinner.

A charmed life indeed, eh!

So,here she is:

Happy Birthday Jazzabelle!

Enjoy the rest of your day darling!
Birthday hugs
ma xxxx


Paula said...

She looks very happy, hope she enjoys her day!xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks mary! and i really did have the best birthday! sad its over now.. lol! oh well, least iv got erks to look forward too on wednesday.... He'll share his day and cake with me im sure! lol xx lush you xx

Anonymous said...

Stunning daughter you have there Jakey - xx Jane (Brods)

Irene said...

She is a beautiful Jakey. Such a neat bump too! not FAIR! :)

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