Saturday, April 14, 2007

weekend waffling

So - yesterday in between bouts of brush weilding, I managed to put a quick layout together. Love love love this photo.... That face! That tongue!! He's such a boy, he cracks me up... :-) Total bundle of energy, so lucky they have a park at the bottom of the road...

The paper is cherry tomatoes by DaisyD's and it's gorgeous. Used some Prima papers too and my new felt flowers, which i think i'm going to love. Title taken from Val Halen lyrics, Jump.

Still making our way through the hall, stairs and landing which has had a complete overhaul too. I was back down Homebase yesterday (they love me there) and had some egg shell paints made up. One pot I love and i'm using, and one pot I gave to Carlos to use in the garden. We have a very old wood and cast iron bench out there, which once belonged to Jen Jen, and which Carl rescued when she died and brought home for me. Using this, along with some of her pots, bricks from one of her Pubs, and a piece of wood from the bar, he made me a little corner of the patio, complete with an Jasmine covered arbour - a climber both he and Jen loved. Here we can sit and feel close to her. Jen was a bugger for the sun... I always think of her in the sunshine :-)

My little grandson Solomon was eight the other day! We all went round to have tea and cake with him and he has a party tomorrow for all his wee football buddies. Being a sporty sorta chap, Mum and Dad bought him a skateboard, which he's been dying for... and yesterday eve came the dreaded call.... he's come off it. Big time. His gorgeous little face is well scuffed up, he's chipped his front tooth, and now sports the fattest lip you've ever seen - and he was so handsome too!

Oh dear. I remember Vin loved his skateboard, til he fell off it and cracked his elbow... Boys!


Irene said...

Love, love that layout and must get some of that paper - I don't have enough, you know.

Your patio sounds wonderful and so special. Hope you enjoy lots of happy memories there.

Colleen said...

say whaaaa? you have a grandson? who's 8?!?!?!

no way
i don't believe you

oh, and cool scraps
as always

Paula said...

He is such a cutie, you just had to scrap that pic!!
sorry to hear you are in decorating hell again!!
I am trying to relax a bit as i have taken rather a lot on of late & not got round the blogs & forums like I used to. Now it is busy at work I need to pace myself, now Im getting on a bit...hee hee.
Actually 40 feels pretty darn good!

Anonymous said...

he looks so cute, so intent! And eriously love those paper combi's you got goin on girl.


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