Sunday, April 22, 2007

sunday night

Phew...just finished working again... I am knackered, proper.
Thank God my girlie came round to help me or I'd still be at it now. Thanks Donzo - you're a star, BIG glass of Turbo pimms's for you on Saturday ;-) if only for your bravery on the ladder..... :-D Ahhhh what am I saying.... big JUG!

Just for you

(er...and me)

he he .

Carpet's down, borders up and the job's almost finished. My catty shelf is back on the wall and all my moggies the kids have bought me over the years are once again smiling down on me as I pass below them on my way downstairs. Course, none of them are worth anything.. not even the tiny crystal cat with the bright green glass eyes, but I love them all... and there is one who is most treasured... the red, black and white splodgy chappie who Jazz made for me in school everso many years ago.....

I spent a good few hours yesterday potting up baskets and tubs with pretty summer flowers. Spent a small fortune and only got about halfway so will have to find the dosh for a few more.. expensive hobby eh, gardening, but I do like to have a lot of colour \round me and we're out there such a lot in the warm weather.

We sat out late last night, burning wood in the chimneria... there's something quite mesmerising about fire, don't you think?

Anyway my lovelies... I'll leave you with tonight's PencilLines sketch layout - the Guru.
Been meaning to scrap this picture of Carlos forever... now tis finally done. Wasn't he gorgeous?

*Yes, yes Carl.. you still are.... of course... aw...bless.*

Pop over to PL and check out this weeks fabby inspiration. The girls have done a stiling job on this brill sketch.


Irene said...

oh yummmmm- Johnny Depp or what?

oh and the cats are pretty too. :)

Anam_Kihaku said...

girlie - that all looks fabby. loved your layout on PL this week too.

Paula said...

Great use of this weeks sketch. Love the colours & the layered effect. Mine look clutterd, never layered!!!
Glad to hear the decorating is almost done. I love planting tubs & things, comes of being horticultural!!

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