Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter to you All

I've had a lovely day today. Three of my four kits arrived this week, so had plenty of stash to stroke and play with... and I still have one pizza box to look forward to!

Yay! :-)

I'm loving the break and having my boys at home with me. Carl's been next door building the last of our bedroom furniture, and Vin's been popping in and out chatting, and I do love their company.

Worked on my Pencillines layout earlier, but as usual had trouble scanning it. Scanners are the bane of my life. They are. My layouts never look on line like they do IRL... and it bugs me. You get fed up saying this looks better in real life... people are probably thinking , "No it doesn't loser, stop making excuses just coz you're crap...." ;-D Still, at least I can't hear them... so i'm not gonna be losing any sleep over that. All the same, I can't help but wish my scans remained more faithful to the true images... Me and about 4 billion other scrappers, probably....

So, now I'm sitting here with a huge glass of my fave Gin and Bitter Cranberry cocktail... Carl's going out for a film in a mo, and I'll be cooking dinner - Scampi, chips and caesar salad, with peas and mini corn cobs coz we never eat meat on Good Friday. I'm not Catholic, but my Mum was always very strict about that, and all my family and in-laws accept it now. My dd's men all know not to eat meat today. It's one family tradition we'd never break, but as I'm a fish lover anyway, it's no hardship to me.

We've been trying to spend a bit of time with the boy this week as he's been feeling somewhat neglected due to all the works going on lately. 'Neglected' and 'Vin' are not words you normally expect to hear in the same sentence btw - this boy has been the centre of the entire family's universe since the day he was born - but feeling some guilt about it being the holidays and him having to entertain himself... we've been trying to do more family stuff - even if it meant getting behind with our schedule. Jobs can wait eh? Kids can't.

So, this week we've watched some films which is what he chose to do, had a kentucky, Carl took him out for an hour or so earlier, and we'll be playing some games and stuff over the weekend. He's not really a demanding kid, but he has enjoyed having some attention, and it's given us a break too. The films we watched were: Sixty Six - a fantastic bittersweet comedy, which had me rolling about laughing one minute, and sobbing my heart out the next. Wonderful stuff - Give it a try, full of nostalgia and a good family film. Then last night we watched A Night In The Museum, which was pure silly nonsense, but great fun all the same.

So, my men will soon be back - off for dinner now - enjoy the long weekend!
jk xx

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joanna said...

Ooh, I LOVE this layout, Jake - vibrant, fresh - beautiful :) - hope you've all had a great Easter hols!

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