Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jazz rang the other night, said Ruben had something he wanted to tell me... something about a song...(at two and a half he loves learning songs and rhymes and will be giving Isabelle a run for her money pretty soon in the singing stakes)

He comes on the phone and tells me he's got a new best song... "want me a sing it Nan?" :-)

So he starts:
One Two Three Four Five, Once I caught a fish alive...
Six Seven Eight Nine Ten, then I let him go again....
Why did you let him GO... ?
Because he bit my finger...


Lol...we cracked up! He is SO funny! I just love the cute things toddlers come out with, don't you?

Can't wait to see them in two weeks - Yep! That's right, my family are all going to be together for my birthday celebrations at the end of the month :-) Getting very excited now!

Got some gorgeous pics from Donna the other day of pretty Lil Matilda.. now 5 months old. This girl is just ALL eyes! Look - how cute is she?

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