Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy St George's Day!

May I wish all English folk - here and wherever you are abroad, a very Happy St George's day today - Long live old Georgie boy, eh?
I've organised a party tonight for my darling oldies....
With lots of help from Sue, the head of housekeeping; I've made a St George's day quiz, with 23 a visual quiz with 23 pictures of all things typically English, like a cream tea, the centre court at Wimbledon, Buck House, Royal Ascot, fish and chips, Blackpool rock, Stonehenge.... stuff my people will think of - the white cliffs of Dover, a Pint!, a red pillar box and a London taxi..... and stuff like that.
We've bought and made flags, hats, and streamers, have balloons, and bunting, and the managers husband has downloaded us some Last Night of the Proms type songs to stir their old hearts... Jerusalem, There'll always be an England, Land of hope and glory, and Rule Brittania.... !! Cdrink and a ookie's doing us bangers and mash, and we'll have a sing-a-long and a good old armchair knees up!
I really don't actually have time for this... So much to do here....but what the hell - they deserve it ;-D Piccies to follow!
Have a fab day everyone - English or not!
jk xx

1 comment:

Colleen said...

happy st. george's day!!

hope you have a fabby day!

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