Friday, May 04, 2007

what a laugh.....

We've had such a laugh tonight!

Someone, ages ago - and I can't remember who - put me on to Freecycling.

We were chatting on SP one time, and someone mentioned it, so I signed up locally - basically purely as a way to avoid the TIP... (you know how I am with the TIP!) And thus far, I've used it mainly as a place to get rid of stuff I can't be bothered to haul to the charity (thrift) shop, or take to the local landfill.. But a couple of weeks ago, someone offered a pine bed base, which I need for my boy. We are about to start his room, and his furniture is all bought, and he has a double divan now, but I though, "yeah, a pine bed would match his new stuff, look nice...ll ask for it" So I did. and through my enquiry, met a lovely lady, and possibly a new friend!

She said we couldn't have it til the 26th... which was bad, coz my famile was here then, and it would have been impossible to collect it at that time without causing all sorts of disruption and hoo ha. So, I tentatively asked if there was any way she might hang on to it for us til after they'd gone home.. or if not, please t feel free to re-offer it out.

No problem, was the reply, and to prove I was genuine, we've been mailing back and forth ever since.

Tonight, I went with my eldest, who has a people carrier, to collect, and it was like meeting up with an old friend. She was so lovely and had us in pleats about how her dog, Rosie, a westie, has her hair cut locally, but she, Rita, insists her pooch not be given a 'Leighton Buzzard' cut! Coming from London, Rita refuses to allow her doggie to look 'local' or ... heaven forbid.....' rough!

We smiled all the way home! She'd showed us round her lovely house, pressed books on us when she found we read, and made us feel like friends.. and it was true. Rosie certainly didn't look like most westies i know. She was a trifle on the large side for a start, but clearly, in her owners eyes she was something a bit special. And she was a character - no doubt there.

I'd say Rita herself was a bit special... she certainly had an effect on me and my girlie, anyway! Bless her!


Irene said...

Good on ya for getting a good freebie (and meeting a lovely lady too). I never seem to get good deals like that and have found it hard in the past even to give stuff away. There is no branch of Freecycle round here and I was heartbroken recently when I had to throw away a perfectly good suite and coffee table - I hate waste.
Saying that someone has just agreed to purchase my entire house contents ;) so I won't have to dispose of it bit by bit. Not bad at all really.

Anam_Kihaku said...

YEAH!!! freecycle rocks :) i love it. its big here in canada too so well chuffed here :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Hope you told her all about minnie moo and how she is quite the little lady too
Ive taken pics of the new collar and bling, ill post when i can!

lyzzydee said...

Iam a huge freecycle fan, I have shifted stuff and received stuff the latest being a fantastic bike in great condition, not even a flat tyre, with a miss marple basket on the front. I just need to get well enogh to ride it now !!

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