Wednesday, May 16, 2007

disembodied voices

so who amongst us enjoys chatting to an automated telephone response.....?

"Oh me!! I just love it" I hear you cry.... but what do we do about it????


We have slowly allowed 'them' to bring these voices into our lives... so much so, that today when I rang a company and it was answered by an actual 'person' I nearly dropped the phone in happiness! This feeling soon waned when I worked my way down my 'must call list' and attempted to speak to someone about our hotel reservatiion for this weekend....

"hello, this is Lisa, I'm the voice of travelodge!"

(she sounded so young for so much responsibility!) I quickly reminded myself that now I'm old everyone sounds young, and ploughed on... "Lisa, can you help me out here, I need some info...."

Lisa asked me to key my preferences...or talk to her by repeating her choices... and I pretty soon realised me and ole Lise-baby were not speaking the same language...

I mean 'Lisa,' - what the hell's that all about.....?? (FFS! when did they start giving these voices names???) clearly she wasn't listening... she just wanted to talk...

Listen girl, after a life working in bars... I know your sort... I'd had enough... I hung up.

I want to talk to Lisa's boss... I want to talk to someone I can explian things to... God Almighty! I just want to talk to someone!

But how often does this happen in a day... how do old people cope? how do hearing impaired people cope? foreigners? kids? ( hello, this is childline.. please key button 1 for...) I mean honestly! Why can't we speak to our own species anymore???

Anyone with me on this??


Colleen said...

i started talking about the western union chick and how assinine their stupid system is to send $$ to family in Jamaica and I called her a name and she heard me.

tee hee

Anam_Kihaku said...

hehehhehe yeah i think they suck too and over here youhave to do letters aswell as numbers - thats fucked me for starters cos i cannot spell.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Oh yes - I am with you. Although sometimes, when you get a real person, all their answers are scripted anyway, and you feel like you're still talking to the wall....

Eminepala said...

hehe I'm with you ;)


lyzzydee said...

Oh Yes, Sky is a place that you don't want to phone EVER. Absolute nightmare. Worse than that they cheerfully tell you that they will answer your very important call in around 49 minutes!! FFS I am paying 10 a minute to be kept on hold.
I hate them

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