Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My kit's here!

Fantastic, the Postie brought me goodies - the scraproom fom kit's here, including a lovely lil set of doodling templates called Scribbles from Sweetwater. Might have to have a play with those later if I find time :-)

Still waiting for a book from Amazon I ordered forever ago.... can hardly remember it's name, 'Paper and Pixels' I think... bet any money they end up saying they can't get it... and I wanted it too......all about combining digi and paper scrapping. Ah well, they haven't said no yet... just keep putting me off and that's never a good sign, is it?


Colleen said...

amazon can kiss my ass. they owe me big time on this pot I ordered, and they screwed up my coffee order.


cool kit though

Paula said...

Yummy kits, they look fab!

Irene said...

This kit always looks so yummy. enjoy!

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