Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canarian day....

Look at this little man.... It's Canarian day tomorrow (wednesday) but as the children get a day off school for the fiesta, Ruben's Nursery had all the children dress up today instead in traditional Canarian style, and I couldn't resist sharing these cute pics with you all - so, here's our boy (2and a half) and wearing his outfit with obvious pride! lol!

Got himself a little girlfriend too! And all the kiddies dressed up - it's ok - their Mum's are fine about photographs - one of the Mother's even filmed them all enjoying her child's birthday, and made copies for the other families a couple of weeks ago... remember those days when we could do stuff like that too?

Just look at the wee rascal doffing his hat to his mama before he set off....

A bit like the rest of the family, Ruben needs no excuse to dress up and enjoy the party - as you can see!

I think they all look so cute, and love that they get the chance to do this, and remember the traditional ways.

Obviously most of the children are Canarian, or Spanish, and I feel it's right that they should celebrate their customs and heritage in this way. And the kids get a day off and have a load of fun too! Rubie get's the best of all possible worlds being born Spanglish... he celebrates all Spain's holidays and traditions - and all England's too. Oh, and actually all Turkey's as well, as his dad's family are originally Turkish Cypriot!

Don't he look fantastic??


Paula said...

Oh, yes, he does! Contagious smile. :)

Irene said...

That boy is so beautiful - what a heartbreaker he will be.

I remember the days when we could take pics and films too without recriminations. So sad th eway things are now.

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