Friday, May 25, 2007


I love kits... sigh.
Don't you?

I love that you get bits and bobs that go with stuff. And I love all the papers and pretties and opening the door and seeing the postie with the package and rippin open that box and diving in. Oh, I do love kits.

Right now I love Colleen's cupcake kit, (which is starting subscription from june btw, and I happen to know there aren't many May kits left so grab em fast before they're gone ) and I love Abby's at SLD, I love my Scraproom kit as it's four mini kits in one, and I love the various embellie kits on offer too, coz I do love me little fripperies.... cannot do a page without those.

How do people get through the month without a kit or two.... eh? eh?


Scrapdolly said...

Have loved catching up with your life hun

Haven;t been around in the cyber world for a while


greyparrot said...

ok, get the violins out...
I have never ever had a kit in my life!
I had one kit for a piece I was asked to do for CS mag, and partial kits for a DT, but never ever had a kit just for me to play with as I like!

Hope you enjoy, and am off to look at the links ;D

Eminepala said...

I love kits Jake...

I posted a kit on my blog that I received yesterday.. WOW SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazing..


Paula said...

so its official, you are a kit junkie!!
Can't beat getting the bits & bobs can you.
Me, Im making cut backs all over the show so I can have these odd treats.
Best get some tea now & settle down for a gripped evening watching my poor joseph lose his coat.

Ann(i)e said...

helloooo darlin'!!
so glad to catch up with you....
and yes, I do love's a new addiction....6 months ago I would have said no way....not a kit I am addicted!!!!
PS thanks for the pencil lines dt shout out!!

Colleen said...

i'm so into kits right now. just bought zingboom and scraphype. jenni b of course. love them!

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