Monday, May 07, 2007


I've been rough.

Stricken with some vile stomach bug which has laid me low for the last few days.

At least I was off work, so could get some rest, but it's a bit of a bummer to lose your bank holiday weekend hanging round the house feeling groo..... Someone suggested stress... hmmm... Who knows. I just wish they'd stop sticking the pins in now tho... enough already! Lol!


I did manage a short trip to the car boot sale yesterday. Needed some air and a little walk after being cooped up all day Saturday, and we found a stall selling old videos for 30p each or four for a pound! What a bargain - so we had a movie fest here yesterday (my boys would never leave me when I was ill) and we spent the day chillin on the couches, and watching daft old comedies and just taking it easy.

Watched, Brigit Jones, Scary Movie, Something bout Mary, and Saving Grace, and i went to bed with square eyes, but a silly smile on me chops. Love that old stuff.

I have plenty to smile about actually, as my gorgeous kids have paid for an all expenses trip for me and my fandango to go to
Beamish for the weekend in a couple of weeks time, as my birthday treat!

So we'll be in Newcastle - fancy that! We fly up from Stanstead on the Friday morning, have the freedom of the city for the weekend, visit Beamish on the Saturday, and come home Sunday night. Not sure I'll have time to visit any old friends but you never know, it could happen. This is something we've wanted to do for ages, so really looking forward to it, and it's actually only the second holiday we've ever had in over 20 years without taking any kids with us. So that'll be an experience in istself.

Haven't done much scrapping, but managed a couple of bits for Scissor Sisters before I got ill.

A mini book and a thank you card, which is winging it's way to Liverpool to thank family for my gorgeous birthday flowers, of which I had loads. So many in fact that the last lot I got (from work) are sitting in my Pimms jug as I run out of vases! Lol! (I'm out of Pimm's too - so no worries there, eh?)

Anyway - hugs to all who love me - and flaming rasperries to those who don't!

be back when fully recovered xxxx


Irene said...

Newcastle? That's just down the road from me! I'll be seeing ya!

ali said...

sorry you've been poorly.
glad you are on the mend

Anam_Kihaku said...

plenty of people in the newcastle area if you want some 'excitment' added to your weekend!!

i'll get you some bits together and email you but currently stealing next doors wifi so it might be end of week...

Anonymous said...

Ohh and just who is it don't love ya sugar?? Huh Huh?? You tell me and I'll be up there and sort em right out!

Mari(and my good friend Boris!)
ha ha X X

Suzanne said...

Hope you are well soon. Would love to visit the Newcastle area myself, there looks some beautiful places around there.

Paula said...

{{{hugs}}} hope you soon feel much better. Those movies will certainly speed recovery & the thrills of the trip to Newcastle will kep your mind of yuck things.

Gorgeous card & mini book.

jo said...

Hope you feel better soon Jake! Love Beamish but not been for years and say hi to Gatehead for me - I was born there!:)

Colleen said...

i hope you feel better soon!!!

pimms are cookies here...are they cookies there too?

oh, and the mini is too cute!! circles freak me out a bit, but now i want to try it!

Maria said...

Hope you're feeling better Jake:)

Karen said...

Healing hugs Jakey


domestic goddess said...

hope you feel better hunny

Scrapdolly said...

Sorry you have been rough

Beamish is fab - visited years ago so bet it is even better now.

LOVE the circle album - fabby

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