Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fairy rings... and things.

So, this is the first piece of work I made for Kate Hadfield's hybrid CT at the lilypad which of course, I've just joined. I've been meaning to scrap this photo for ages and never got round to it but katies digi stars and toadstools were perfect so there you go.... another one done!

All digi elements printed, cut out and stuck down - by hand! Lol!

The journalling reads:

Fairy rings... usually found in places where fairies have had a gathering. Toadstool rings tempt people who are hoping to see fairies, back to the same spot over and over again. However, non-magical people cannot see fairies; and anyway, fairies seldom meet in the same place twice, so it is somewhat silly to return to a toadstool ring in the hopes of glimpsing fairies...

Doesn't stop me checking tho! :-)

Today is Tadpole Tuesday at the lilypad and Kate has this on offer :

Grab it today - perfect for jazzing up your halloween goodies - and it's just $1.00!
Normal price $3.49 - Bargain!!

more laterjk xx


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

LOVE that layout! You're almost tempting me to have a go at hybrid... But not quite LOL.

Paula said...

This is fantastic girlie!!!!
Could have sworn I left a comment on you feeling unwell but its not there :( Hope you are feeling a bit better, its pretty rough & been doing the rounds, everyone i know seems to have been struck with the damn thing. Keep warm & drink lots of baileys :0)

Edleen said...

how are you feeling today?

love your hybrid work!!! you're so talented :)

have a lovely Friday!

david santos said...

I love your creations!!!
Have a nice weekend.

Diana said...

Love the fairy layout!

Suzy said...

That layout totally Rocks! I could never make some toadstools look so fabulous! YOu truly inspire me!

Keep up the fabulous work!

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