Monday, October 13, 2008

Harvest Home

Today at work we had our Harvest Festival. I organise two christian church services a month with visiting clergy and if necessary, arrange for ministers of other faiths to visit the home should our clients require spiritual comfort.

My favourite service tho is with Pastor Rex, mainly because he's a great friend, but also because it's just so relaxed and warm and completely without pomp and stuffiness - though there are a few resi's who prefer the more traditional C of E style service which we have too.

We had a table set out and I loaded up a basket with fruit and veg from the kitchen, and we sang and clapped and thanked the Lord for all he provides - and had a real laugh about the size of one particular cabbage he provided today - we fear it's something we may be eating for weeks...

...promting one old dear to suggest in a deafening stage whisper that perhaps on this occasion the good Lord might just have provided a little too much.....? :-)

Sometimes they kill me!


I loved making my layout for this weeks Sketches! by tamara as the pictures are really juicy and made me pine for sunny days round the pool with the fam. Rubes and Vin might not be too close in age but they're both mad for the water and happily spend hours in and out of the pool playing on inflatables, making a lot of noise / action and having water fights which somehow end up involving everyone. Though he just turned 16 this summer, Vin was still a kid in many ways... I wonder how much he'll change in the next 12 months?

Tamara's sketch
My layout

Okies, that's me.
More tomorrow

jk xx


Sue said...

I know what you mean, as i type , i can hear Dan playing football on his bedroom floor with lego men...Hes still a babe sometimes! But turned 15 and started shaving this year :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours!

Marie xoxo

Diana said...

Gorgeous layout and what a great harvest.
Think I will change my name to DIzzy!!!

Maria said...

That is one huge cabbage.

Love that funky layout. You always choose the brightest colours and they always make me smile.

I love how your family are so close.

Happy Tuesday xxx

jazsutra said...

Hey jakey,thanks for visiting and left some love at my blog.your work is gorgeous!!!u definitely hv yr own unique style!
and i really hv fun reading yr blog.ure so fun.u make me laugh.thx!-jaz

Sandie said...

Love your take on the sketch hun xx

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