Monday, October 20, 2008

owww... sore sore throat...

well...sore sore throat and ears actually.

I thought it was a toothache at first because it was kind of like my jaw? But it's not, it's my throat and my ear.. and it's not very nice. BUT - as I hate being ill, i'm dosing up and attempting to soldier on. Those extra strong Lemsips are a blessing, let me tell you.

Today my 2nd LO for tamara's sketches dt went up, but looking at it there i'm not too happy with it. For some reason the words round the edge look like they're in straight lines and um.. actually, they're not.
Just so you know, okay? :-)

This is the sketch, which I flipped on it's side:

and this is tildy bum looking as cute as ever. She looks just like a little angel - do NOT be fooled... she's a rascal!

So that's me for today - got lots on, so have to fly

more tomorrow!



Ifa said...

I can't believe that little angel is anything but.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So girly, sweet and fun! All sugar and spice. :)

Hope you feel better real soon.

Edleen said...

Gorgeous Little Sweetie and fabulous layout!

hope you're feeling less sore today. Take care!

Paula said...

So I'll try again!! Gorgeous page & fab news on the hybrid CDT.

Anonymous said...

Such a great layout - wonderful colors!

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