Saturday, October 04, 2008

Send your menfolk to me...

...Send them all.... young and old alike, because I'm offering a course in Basic Life Skills....

for FREE!!!

Yep, you heard me. Totally free - I'm so convinced there's a real need for this that i'm willing to offer the BLS on a one time only basis. I'm qualified - I've been teaching it for years  ~ albiet to seriously challenged students ~  so sign em up while you can... imagine the benefits!

And there'll be incentives... oh yes. Coffee, cake and all the chocolate they can eat. 

***Classes covered will include***

How to transport cups to the sink/dishwasher for recycling!

How to screw the lid back on the Marmite/Peanut butter/Jam jar!

How to fold a towel!

How to hit the laundry bin with a pair of balled up socks!

How to close the cupboards in the kitchen!

And my Master Classs.....

How to fit a toilet roll on the holder!

Now all I have to do is convince my OWN two to turn up...

(expected class size.... zero)


And my Mojoholder layout for this week was a toughie!!

We were lifting a page by
Michelle Clements  which was made on a shaped transparency, which of course I didn't have. Didn't have any plain 12x12 'thick' transparency at all, so I decided to adapt a patterned one. Michelle's own gorgeous LO can be seen on  mojoholder.

The hardest part was cutting the shape as I couldn't fold it like I would have paper... so the eagle eyed among you will notice that it's not exactly symmetrical.... Ah well, this matters how? lol. I had loads of fun splodging paint and throwing  stuff at it, and it didn't turn out too bad in the end though the image is awful because I had a nightmare trying to photograph it for upload. I imagine Jazz and Hayley will love it as it was those two devil's who had him out on the razz that night...  :-) I wanted to capture the essence of my sister Jen's favourite quote (excuse!) "Life is not a rehearsal" live it.

I imagine Jen would approve of Vin's unconventionality immensly :-)

Ok, got a busy day so need to get on! More later!  

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to :-)

jk xxx


Irene said...

I think that course would take off Jakey. Love your Mojo layout this week.

Scrapdolly said...

Booking Nij onto that course but not convinced he'd be a willing student.

Becasue your work constantly inspires, amazes and impresses me beyond words I left you an award on my blog today.

I always feel cheered up and brightened when looking at one of your pages xxxx

Sue said...

LOL!! You can defunately have my two!! Good luck..I have been trying for 26 years!

Paula Sealey said...

LOL, I would send you mine, but I know you'd be exasperated by the end of the day!

The mojo one was a toughie, that's why I opted out of using the transparency! Love how yours turned out though:)

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