Friday, October 31, 2008


That's what I'll be this weekend.... Lost.

Or rather, in Lost heaven :-)

My Carlo has got me the boxed set of season 4 on DVD and we plan to spend the weekend holed up away from the cold catching up on all our fave characters... Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and the others... we've got plenty of provisions in - so no need to venture out - and tbh, I can't wait! Lol!!!

How sad am I? Are we? :-D

Ok... this layout has nothing whatsoever to do with Lost the series... but it it sorta fit with the title of my post today so here it is. It's something I made ages ago which was going to be for a challenge thingy way back in August that never went up, so as I've posted a few LO's recently made with summer pics to try to forget the cold crappy weather we're having I thought I'd air this one too...

(and I bloody well wish I was lying under this tree in Jazz's garden right now, instead of shivering my ample butt off here, let me tell ya's!)

So, have a great day all, I'm off now - and if you take my advice, you'll go and get Lost too xxx


Eve said...

My FAVORITE show too!
Check out my link:
LOVE your blog! And the layout is beautiful!

Paula said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!
I did this some time ago with Lord of the Rings, but most definately didn't get near a fab tree like that.
Gorgeous page.

Karen said...

Jakey I didn't know you were a LOST fan too! I can not wait until season 5 starts. I am so hooked on that show - when it's on it's the highlight of my week - sad or what?

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