Friday, July 18, 2008

Forgotten.... but not gone.

Blimey - I attempted to sign in this morning, and even blogger didn't remember me. Ok, I know it's been awhile... but honestly, life's been hectic. I've been really really busy (in the real world), scrapping's taken a total backseat, and also, we've been away on hols for a fortnight, so there's just been no time.

Apart from that I've had no mojo, and I really do mean none. Thank goodness I had to make something for It's A Creative World this week, or I think I'd have just packed up my scrap room and locked the door. It's that bad. It's not only that I've had no inspiration - it's that i've had no interest... No interest at all. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

I don't know if I even want to carry on scrapbooking... i'm starting to question the money i've spent over the years...I'm not sure I can see the point - I'm hardly a heritage scrapper am I, so I can't justify it by saying I'm recording family history... I dunno. I'm not really good at it anymore (if I ever was) and I feel I'm in a slump. How do you get out of that?

Anyway - I did manage to make a little mini book (but I struggled, even with that- and a two year old could have done it...). But, as my fam want to see some holiday pics, i'll put it up. And then I'll try and do tonight's LO for Mojoholder... please wish me luck! Lol!

This mini book cost nothing to make btw. I'd had the kids tag booklet for ages... it came from a £1 shop years ago. I used only ancient papers, and old rub ons which I think came in a kit, heaven knows when. I'm going to be using up old stash from now on... the money being spent on this hobby is mad - and i'm stepping back from that. If I can't create with what I have, then I won't be creating at all. Simple as that.

Tag Booklet

Front Cover


More later

jake x


suebaru said...

Ahem...not very good at it??!! If you're not, there's no hope for the rest of us!!Your stuff is amazing...and what's more, it never seems to date,no matter what you use!
Hope that mojo comes back soon :)

Sharron said...

Love this little book, it's so bright and captures the essence of summer fun perfectly. Keep scrapping Jake, I love your blog!

jo said...

Don't you dare give up!!! You're one of the best scrappers around!!! xxx

peata said...

this is a cool little mini.

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