Saturday, July 26, 2008

16 years ago today....

...I was well overdue with my last and final baby. I'd begun to wonder if I'd ever go into labour and had given up trying all the remedies and old wives advice on how to get things going. The only thing I did carry on with was the raspberry leaf tea - not that I liked it - yuck! But I was hoping for an easy labour... well, what mum doesn't ? Lol ;-)

In the event, I only had a few more days to go, coz Vin was eventually born at home, on the 28th of July, with only me present. Yep, just me and him on the bedroom floor...which was ok, coz I coped.

So, Monday sees Vin's 16th birthday. This boy here :-)

Hard to believe he's so grown up :-) Almost an adult, and hopefully starting his A's in September... but he'll always be my babe... and I love him to bits

Shame this pic is a bit blurry, coz I love it... guess I'll just have to use it as it is and not worry. How can you trash a pic you adore coz it's not perfect? That'd just be mad and i'm not that much of a perfectionist anymore.

Jazz and Erk are coming over for his birthday, and they'll be here with the kids tomorrow night. Monday we'll all be out having a mad spend up, coz Vin's been paid, and he'll almost certainly have some birthday money too, then Monday night, a family night here and Donz and Jon will come with the little brownies, so we'll have a proper houseful... just like the old days.

This here is my mojo LO for this week:

Can't you tell I'm pining for my holiday.....?

All I need is a lottery win.... not much to ask is it?

More later

jk x


HAYLEY said...

happy birthday to my gorgeous baby bro have a lovely day sorry i am not there MUM PLS PUT MY POEM ON HERE HANXS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HAYLEY said...

well hello mary just to let you know as i am writing these very words MIMI IS SITTING ON MY LAP!!!!
foolish baby that she is lol and where is my poem???? hope you all have a lovely day xx
p.swish i was there boohoo
and tell jazz its only been 1 day and im bored now come home PLEASE!!

Paula Sealey said...

On your own, on the bedroom floor!!! Wow!

Happy Birthday to Vin, hope he has a great day:)

kathj said...

beautiful colours in this lo!

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