Tuesday, July 22, 2008

long night... day... night

Well, I dunno where Sunday went, but it took Monday with it... and I feel a bit cheated today because I worked all day, then went shopping, came home and cooked a meal, then came up here to draft my works newsletter - something I've been doing ALL evening....

...so not a lot of fun in any of that for me, I think you'd agree....

Anyhow, heaven knows what time I started scrapping. Must have been half 10, coz Vin wanted me to watch the mighty boosh or whatever it's called.. but I resisted and flung a page together in petulance instead. I hate feeling put upon.

I've been home over a week, and haven't even so much as put a picture up so far... but it ain't going to happen tonight, because actually - it's already tomorrow.

I will put up my layout tho before I collapse, and here it is for what it's worth:

Not very me... but i'm ok with it. At least the sentiment is true.


Em said...

Hi Jakey,

Wow you sound busy. I hope you are getting a bit of 'me time'.

Why the negativity about your layouts?? Your work is gorgeous hun :)

Take care x

Paula said...

Girlie I know just how you feel. I am working my week's notice & then get a full week at home before I start my new job on 4th!!
I feel shattered by all the events surrounding this & my crafting has suffered for quite some months.Am hoping to get back into it in coming weeks.

Paula said...

Stupid girl, I backspaced & deleted a line!!! I love your recent layouts you seem to be changing style slightly & it is fab, keep em coming!!!

Diana said...

Hi Jakey - I love that layout its just so Normal and not contrived.
love Di

Sue said...

Great LO I love it but I LOVE ALL YOUR STUFF

Been browsing here for hours lol

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