Saturday, July 19, 2008

The darndest thing....

Well, I saw the darndest thing yesterday - made me laugh out loud and shake my head in wonderment. So, I just have to share coz it's not something I ever experienced before.....

Popping out for a couple of bottles of vino late yesterday afternoon Im driving along, and Carl says "Hey - look at this little fella!" and there's this baby grasshopper on the dashboard... just turning this way and that.... not a care in the world :-)

I tell ya, couldn't get to the shop quick enough, so I could rush home, grab my camera and take a pic of my cheeky lil hitchhiker, but he was going nowhere fast, and seemed content to just crawl around waiting for the paparazzi to notice him.....

Unfortunately, I had no batts in my big zoom fuji s5500 so I just had to snap with my lil pocket digi, which though good, wasn't really the best camera for the job even with the macro on, him being so tiny and all... but yeah, I got a shot - and yeah, of course i will scrap him at some time!

Ain't he just soooo cute???

(Insect lovers out there, be assured the star of my photo shoot was ever so gently rescued afterwards and placed in the long grass at the end of the garden.... no doubt he's enthralling his buddies and prospective girlfriends with tales of the day he got papped, even as I write!)

Last night mojoholder went live with challenge #73 where we lifted a page by Christine Middlecamp. I was still struggling with the old mojo, or lack of it, but decided to have a go using papers which came in my Scraproom kit, and yeah, I know I said I'm not buying stash, but this is my only indulgence - one kit a month...I don't even buys mags anymore.

So here's my take this week:

More later!

jk x

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