Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday bloggin

Been a few days again, but I've been trying to sort this tip out. My knee is still giving me grief, so it's been hard getting down to do stuff on the floor, but i'm finally winning the battle I think. The mountain of carrier bags is gone and I can see the carpet again, though I had to get two more sets of plastic drawers to house everything.

My ribbons are now sorted by colour and take up several drawers :-)

And I've got lace, ricrac, fibres, twill and fabric strips individually bagged up too. It's not perfect, but considerably tidier than it was.

And my cardstock is sorted by colour too, and size. I usually buy packs of A4 black and white CS for matting, because it's cheaper and I use a lot of that. All the scraps of coloured card are in the folder there which has coloured inserts separating them.

There are now 5 sets of these drawers housing everything from papers, to stamps, stickers and rub-on's, ribbons, and mesh - and there's a a whole drawer full of that! I know... why?

I thinned out the mag stash, and got rid of loads. Probably should do away with the rest as I never look in them but I can't bear to... God knows why.
This little lot live at the new end of the desk. It's lovely to have everything close by when you're working...

Oooh... and what a bargain this compartment shelf thingy was! We spotted it in a charity shop while shopping for plassy drawers.... guess how much?

£5.99!! I was dead chuffed! It's perfect for all my bits and bobs. Shame they didn't have more of them...

So - I still have to sort some boxes of photos out and tidy them up, but I have to wait til Carlo can help with that because they're too big and heavy for me. Other than that, it's prettty much done. I know it's not posh or fancy but it's my little room and I love having my things all round me and having room to move again


Besides... my boy's got to sleep in here next week when Jazz comes with the kids, so I really had no choice but clear it up lol!

Today we awoke to snow.. but it's going away already. Got a few snowy pics in the garden earlier.. look at my old cat with flakes landing on him. He hates the snow but I was out there... so he had to be out there with me... daft old moggie.

Obviously haven't been making much this week, but I did manage one for Mojoholder

And that's about it!

Em presented me with an award, but I'll have to put it on later when I've had a think about who to award it to myself!


Paula Sealey said...

Glad you got all the tidying done.

It's amazing what us scrappers accumulate, lol! And I'm with you on the mesh, I have rolls of it too and have only used it twice!

Gorgeous layout too:)

suebaru said...

Damn, I could have saved you some pennies on the plastic drawers too, I have a set here looking for a new home!

Laura S. said...

Oh boy I really should be working on getting my stuff organized...I just can't seem to get started!!

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