Friday, February 09, 2007

Yay... and Yay!

oh, how easily my little life can go from down to up in a blink of an eye... !

Two hours ago I was almost in tears... sick of painting, getting nowhere fast, and pining for my scraproom bigtime... ten minutes ago; after finally finishing the job, I started running my bath, and sat down at the PC for a quick flick through while I waited. Carl came home with goodies - one of those Thai dinner packs, and wine, and a lovely smile for me... coz he's had good news, and then an Msn convo with a buddy brought a smile on my own chops! She was asking about my mojo... did I have any left? and I thought no... but then I thought yeah - course I do... and I've got all day off tomorrow to find it!

The kitchen's about finished. Carlos can put everything back tomorrow, and I'll just play in my room. If I can find my desk, I'll be ok...

Happy days are here again!

Ah.....So fickle, some people....! ;-)


Mel said...

Glad you are feeling a bit more upbeat and ready to go on a mojo hunt. Enjoy your wine and dinner :) Mel x

Maria said...

Glad you're feeling brighter.

We're decorating and it seems to be going on forever.

Have a fab weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

GAH! decorating is the worst but tends to be self limiting eventually, but thwn, ust how big is your house...?? should be over soon if of an average size... I would move out for a few weeks and leave the men to it..
mwahaha - Stace xoxox

Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you are having smiles again :) i'll buy a crate of those mojo bars :) but need an update on fickle cos i've got fickleness too :)

Paula said...

I am so with you on this one!! If only i could have heat & hot water I'd be as happy as the pig in !!!
Today, boiler says yes I'll light but NO you can't have a bath or wash your hair. I need the heat more today, it is down to 9c in hee again!!!!

suebaru said...

Oooh, hoping that mojo's returned !!;)

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