Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, I'm completely exhausted and sick to death of this decorating lark... today I've painted several doors, the skirting board, and other bits of paintwork, and also the kitchen ceiling which is heavily artexed and was a complete pig to do. The flaming stuff kept sort of melting with the wet emulsion but I had to go over and over it as it has a horrible swirly pattern that just didn't want to be painted! I'm not a happy bunny tonight I can tell you.

There'll be no let up this week either as I have to get the second coat on tomorrow, and then it's papering and finally emulsioning the walls. I hate the colour I've bought btw - and have to go begging to B&Q tomorrow to see if they'll let me change it... idiot that I am, I've lost the reciept... Trust me!

The electrician didn't turn up today either, so that's thrown us out, and I am still trying to make arrangements to get the floor and hall laminated in one hit.

I think it might be a busy weekend next weekend because as well as the floor people, somone's coming - at last - to tile the bathroom... and if Lemon's reading this she will NOT believe it's still waiting to be done!

Then....... then, I'm going to the sodding carnival (YAY!) and doing NOTHING for a week, except eat, drink ,and have a good time with my family!!!

Ahoy me hearties!!! We all have our outfits now except Ruth who's still faffing about deciding if she's a pirate with us or not... C'mon Rufus!!! Or I'll make you walk the plank!


Paula said...

You'll need the carnival after all that hard work. but, just think, how fabby it will look when it is all done.

lemon said...

oh i saw it alright lol

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