Friday, February 16, 2007

Yes - I'm ok...

Hi all

Thanks to everyone who's been in contact. I'm ok, really. Sorry I haven't been around, but i've been mega busy and something had to go, and unfortunately it was the blog and my surf time

We've had a few problems here; like the tiler deciding to walk off the job halfway through (Grrr..... W*nker!),
the laminate estimate being waaaay higher than we'd anticipated forcing us to cast around, work going crazy; everything that could go wrong with the decorating doing so, like discovering a lovely hole in the kitchen ceiling when the electrician came, and a stain I just cannot paint over... and various other disasters on the domestic front.

On the plus side, Carl has now heard that there may be a settlement soon on the money he is owed - although I am STILL waiting for payment for magazine commissions done back in December and January.... to be paid for work published months ago is surely not too much to ask, is it?

Anyway - if all goes according to plan, we'll be jetting off to the Canaries Carnival in a few days....Mind you - I haven't packed a thing yet, so I don't know if any cases will be going with us... Carlos said if the worst comes to the worst, we'll just have to slob around in our Pirate Outfits all week... now there's a thought eh? :-)

So, i'll leave you now with a pic of the little tyke we'll be visitng next week... and remember - when life throws you lemons..... make lemonade... ;-)


Caroline said...

You had me worrying there.
Re the stain -paint over with an oil based paint then cover with emulsion, should work.

Sprogpaws said...

Glad to hear you are OK, hun albeit stressed. I was worried that it'd all gone quiet from your end! Just concentrate on the fact that in just a few days you'll be where it's warm and you can relax with your family - and have some fun too! Aaaar-haaaaar me hearties!!!

Sue said...

Sorry you have been snowed under..glad you are ok hun ..missed you

Dawn said...

Have a nice time in Lanza sounds like you need a break.
Oh for blue skies & sun.

Mel x said...

Gorgeous baby! I love his cute hat and earnestlittle face!

mellie xo xo xo

suebaru said...

Have a wonderful break and I hope you can get the house sorted soon!

Suzanne said...

oh sorry to hear about the problems with the building and decorating. I hate waiting for trades to get in, we waited 8 months for the plumber to do 3 days work on our extension!

But a holiday sounds just the ticket to get you all cheery again, enjoy :)

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