Friday, February 02, 2007

More shameless pimping!!!!!


Here we go.....! Kate's made a fabby alphabet which she's offering for free
here on her blog Be sure to check out her work while you're there - she's the most amazing digi scrapper and her layouts are so good it's not real.

Does it count as pimping if you are biggin up someone else...? Ahhh... whatever - this stuff you gotta see.


Anam_Kihaku said...

her stuff does rock :) i think she is the best and way ebtter than ANYONE else in the uk by a billion miles

Kate said...

Jakey you shameless pimp you! LOL Thank you so much for "bigging me up"! *blushes*

And Anam, I shall pay you later :)

Thanks to both of you.

Paula said...

I love her stuff. Such gorgeous details.
you pimping...never praising the work of good people is what blogs are for.How else do we find allthese fab "real" people & hey how would I ever have gotten to know you girle, apart from being a nutter!! (aka pencilines pic) its pure hero worship!!

Yeah! my heating is meant to be getting fixed today!!!!

Paula said...

now that doesn't read right does it. If only I could feel my fingers perhaps I could type
the !!! has disappeared after NEVER!!!!

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