Friday, August 07, 2009

coming together

Yep, things are definitely coming together now. And I'm personally feeling much happier since I cut back on all my crafty commitments. Now when I craft it's when I have time, when I feel like it, and I do whatever I feel like doing - without guilt. Years ago I loved the buzz of beating deadlines, and getting free product, and seeing my stuff in print etc, but all that's just not imortant any more. I still love to look at my friends wonderful creations, and obviously share their joy at their every success - I just want no more of it for myself :-) I guess I simply don't have time... there are just so many other things I want to be doing.

I still dabble, I still enjoy creating, it just isn't taking over my life anymore lol.

I made this little card for last weeks daring card makers challenge in between supervising plumbing, electrics and fitting of kitchen... the kitchen's almost all in now - and i'm going to love it when it's finished. One bad thing did happen - I discovered the tiles i've covetted for months had gone down to half price in the Homebase sale... and I MISSED it! I was WILD! I wanted those tiles badly - now I have to start a new search, and then pay full whack - what a bummer!

Still, I'm not going to moan. All the good Karma from last year is coming back to us finally and a small thing like sold out tiles is not going to spoil it. It's funny... you do good things and try to be the best you can and you sometimes wonder why you get no luck for it. Then suddenly you do, and it's a great feeling.

So, remember today - try to be a little kinder than is strictly necessary to everyone you encounter... at the very least you've been good, and maybe made someone's day. At best, you may one day find your good heart is rewarded in some way. Maybe not in the way you expect, and possibly not when you expect it either. But good may still come your way sometime... you just never know.


Lythan said...

must be so maddening about the tiles. but if they are the right ones you will find them again at the right price I am sure. thanks for sharing the lovely Daring Cardmakers inspired card :)

lynn said...

OK doing this again as it disappeared before I posted it!!

Glad to hear the kitchen is coming along well. Shame about the tiles, expect you have tried searching the net and other brances of the store.
Thanks for sharing such wise words about the DT, magazine work. Glad you are still with the Mojo.

Great card BTW.

Lynn x

Bekka said...

Thank you for such a heartfelt and honnest post.

I am thrilled that thibgs are coming together for you and that the kitches is progressing well too. The right tiles will find you at the right price too - I am sure of that.

Thank you especially for the last paragraph. Good words to read and we all need reminding from time to time. I have been having a summer 'fug' recently and need to remember it wont always be like this so I should keep doing what I know is right as in time it will all come together. Thank you



Scrapdolly said...

So glad it is all coming together
Having lived in chaos for three weeks I hated it but it is worth it

and am totally with you on the deadlines bit and publishing and so on - we had our share didn't we matey and both came to the same conclusion

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