Sunday, August 02, 2009

looking ahead

Great news - I think we've found someone to take on the kitchen work. Our initial plan had been to have a go ourselves but faced with such a hugely daunting task we've chickened out and decided we need a man who can... so the chosen one's coming later to take a look, draw up some plans and let us know what it's going to cost. Being poor as church mice we're praying it's not more than we can afford... the fact it's someone we know may help tho... so, fingers crossed for us, pls!

This week's mojoholder guest designer was Jennifer Maguire and you can see her LO, Sarah's sketch and the team's interpretations on the blog here

Here's mine:

thanks for dropping in! :-)



Groovie Ed said...
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Lynn said...

Love this fun LO Jakey. Good luck with the kitchen.

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