Tuesday, June 23, 2009

achin all over...!

Yeah, I do mean achin, not shakin.

Aching from the garden... and achin a lot!
From lugging and carrying, and stooping and bending... crouching and kneeling, stretching and balancing... and yeah that's not good.


Pretty things are happening - and that is good! :-)

Bear in mind all this is newly planted so everything's new and young and still quite small, but it'll grow! The pots and troughs are filling out already.... we haven't lost any plants that we've put in the ground though one did suffer from Carl's big feet when he was planning his excursion up the tree... It may yet survive - but he's set it back a bit I think :-(

And after all the work.... a small reward!
Note only ONE glass lol! Go me!!! lol! Wine's not for sharing, eh girls?

And when night falls, it looks like this:

So, there it is... some of it anyway. Might not look much, but boy... i'm achin.


Bekka said...

Looks fab to me - well done! May you have many a happy warm summer evening on those chairs with many a glass of chilled white :-)

Paula said...

Its a gorgeous garden!! I love the sink garden, I used to have one when I was married as I worked on Horticulture back then. I can hear that water gently trickling from here & wish I was sat in the chair with my feet up & a white wine spritzer but sadly i am sat here trying to get prepared to go to work!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Beautiful! What a lovely garden you have! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Enjoy it. :)
PS: it´s 1ÂșC below zero here today.

Claire aka Feline said...

Aww its looks lovely, it will soon be full of lush colour, I love gardening and have recently built all our front and back garden from scratch and dug up plenty of rubbish including a bike so I know how the aches really do ache...enjoy your hardwork with a glass of the sparkly stuff xx

Edleen said...

looks fabulous! hope the achin is gone by now ;)

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