Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The bucket List

Made this last night but was just too knackered to scan and upload. Very tongue in cheek LO about a game my 'men' play in the Summer... well, used to play - Vinnie's much too concerned about his hair and being cool nowadays to engage in such foolhardy antics as this anymore.... more's the pity, eh?
Him poor old Dad's got no mates! Stoopid bunny.... ;-)

Anyway the LO:
As soon as I saw Kate's new Comic Capers kit I knew I had to search out these old pics, and I had a great laugh putting it together. The rules of the game - the list - states:

Must be a very very hot day
ICY water only - add ice cubes if poss
Place bucket in freezer for a minimum of 20 mins...
NO running away!
Lower head for max brain freeze effect
NO dodging!
Squeeling however, is allowed....
and last but by no means least.... TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!

Nutters, obviously... and obviously..... I don't play!

Katie's kits used:
Comic Capers
Kate Hadfield
Backyard Bliss
Spring Greens

Kate Hadfield

jake xx


Edleen said...

hi Jakey! that's a cute layout! love the word Splat all over :)

have a great weekend!
we start ours a day early here ;)

HAYLEY said...

oh mum too funny.......i am cracking up ,dad's face is hillarious.......we will def have a game of this when you come over pmsl xxx

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