Saturday, June 20, 2009

loss's and gains.

My blog's loss is the garden's gain, ha ha... :-)
yep, i've been awol again.

More to the point my creativity's been awol - and still is... so I haven't had much to blog about. I really don't have much going on craft wise so it seems a bit dumb to try and blog when i've nothing to say. The sun's been out, i've been outside and it's been a relief just to say sod it, and not even try to scrap. I've had a heap of crap thrown at me this year and it's really starting to have a negative effect on my creativity, so i've gone to ground and just got back to pottering round the yard, greenhouse and garden centre.

We'd let it turn into a wilderness so it's been hard taming it. Plus - it's hard to make good when you have no sheckles... having money makes gardening easy... trying to do it on pennies is harder, but we're getting there bit by bit. Today Carlo went up an enormous ladder to try and tackle one of the trees. Jesus! I thought I was going to die of fright! So much so I ran out - fled to my Dad's and then to the supermarket. I couldn't watch him killing himself could I? His mate who lent him the ladders was quaking... but fortunately they were only 25 feet tall, so he could only go so far... and with just a hand saw it was hard going but he got a good few branches down. I think we'll have to get a scaffold and a power tool... and a flight somewhere for me. My nerves are shot.

Last weekend we enjoyed the sunshine and had a lil barbie, and my boys played for me. I love to sit and listen to them. I love them.....! {maybe too much}.

Mojoholder LO from last night incorporates goodies from my two fave places - Magistical Memories and Kate Hadfield designs @ the Lilypad.

We lifted Laura Price Fiore who is a friend of mine and an amazing scrapper. Check her out here and here .


did a brill sketch:

And the hybrid parts of the LO can be purchased here as part of this amazing kit

all you scrappers will surely want this this - it's US guys to a tee!

Happy Saturday from me!

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