Friday, February 06, 2009

snows still falling... but the clouds have lifted.

Despite the fact that nothing's changed - if anything, stuff's worse - I feel a little brighter.

Maybe it's because I've actually made something?

See, I had to make my mojo LO..... I love this team and i'd never let them down, and funnily enough, everyone in the team feels the same... I know it's not an important DT in the greater scheme of things, but it's my fave of all time and because I love it I made myself make it - and it got me doing again, instead of all that hand wringing, which I hate. And that's the thing.

So then that spurred me to make something for my post on IACW, due on Saturday....
ooer, tomorrow! And again it's not so hot but it just feels good to be making anything at all!

And then, in an odd moment today, I made a quick card for my darling for our anniversary.
(digi goodies from Queen Kate obviously, lol)

I haven't been able to get to the shops, so no pressies this year. Our show got cancelled because of the snow - oh bum. And we've nothing special in as we thought we were going out, but Carlo's cooking and he'll make something nice, I know... so we're spending our anniversary with 3 teenage boys because Vin was having his buddies round to keep him company while we were out and we haven't the heart to tell them it's off now....

Lol. At least I can smile. last week all this would have broke me.

happy weekend bloggy babes.
luvy'all - stay warm!

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JodieW said...

I like your card and love your honest sense of humour. I just started scrapping recently and I found your blog on a list on UKS, which i'm working my way through!I'm now planning to start a blog myself but don't know where to begin! Seems like everyone on UKS has a blog! See you around on UKS maybe :)

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